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Named for his round face, Moonface is the fun & adventurous type. His house is similarly round, and is filled with curved furniture. He is the owner of the slippery-slip, a slide going down the centre of the tree.

The Saucepan Man lives with Mr. Watzisname. He is covered in saucepans and kettles. Sometimes, he cannot understand what his friends are saying because he is partially deaf, which is further aggravated by all the noise from the pans and kettles which he carries all the time.

Silky is a fairy who's named after her silky, golden hair. She is the best friend of Moonface and a regular adventurer to the worlds at the top of the tree.

Mr Watzisname sleeps and snores all the time. He is called 'Watzisname' because he cannot remember his own name. During an adventure to the Land of Secrets, he discovers that his real name is "Kollamoolitumarellipawkyrollo."

The Faraway Tree is a series of novels for children by British author Enid Blyton published through 1939-1951. The stories take place in an enchanted forest in which a gigantic magical tree grows - the eponymous "Faraway Tree". The tree is so tall that its topmost branches reach into the clouds where magical lands reside. The tree wide enough to contain small houses carved into its trunk, inhabited by quirky characters.


I decided to create a conceptual design of the Faraway Tree. Using my model making abilities, I turned my design of many modelboxes of the different houses in the tree, into one installation piece, with lighting. I also created costume/character designs for the characters who live in the tree.

Dame Washalot, who spends her time washing her clothes and throwing the dirty wash-water down the tree. If she has no clothes to wash, she washes the dirty laundry of other people and even the leaves of the Faraway Tree.

The Angry Pixie lives in a house with a tiny window and has a habit of throwing cold water or any liquid at hand over people who dare to peep inside.

Due to Covid-19 I have been unable to take final photos of the Faraway Tree (it has been temporarily been locked inside my university building). Therefore, I have pictures I took during the making process, and I shall update the images as soon as possible.

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