A puppetry performance about the troubled rise and the terrible demise of the greatest chef the world has ever known. "FEAST" is an immersive promenade show written by Emma Williams, performed at the Cardiff Depot.

I fully designed & made the props, signs and costume of the Maitre' D, as well as playing the part! I also gave the mobility scooter a fully customised makeover! The character acts as a master of ceremonies ushering the audience from scene to scene, while also apart of the performance.

"The Rake’s Progress" is an Opera written by Igor Stravinsky opera. My peers and I were set with the task of designing and making a full costume for one character, then display it on a catwalk with learnt choreography.


The catch was, that the only materials we were allowed to use had to be recycled or 'modified junk'. The character which ruffled my feathers was Mother Goose, the whore who runs a London brothel.

The Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000 is a science fiction universe created by Japanese artist & sculptor Kow Yokoyama in the 1980s. The design of the robots existing in this universe are influenced by both World War I & II.


Many robots were sold as model kits in 1:20 scale through a monthly model magazine. After taking inspiration from these, a few friends and myself decided to repoduce one in a 1:1 scale, adding our own flourishes. This 7 Ft robot has been taken to several events & festivals.